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What should I bring and are you still following Covid protocols?
We would recommend chairs, sunscreen, bug spray, umbrella (for rain & shade), money for band merch and concessions.  As for Covid concerns, we just ask that you use wisdom and be respectful of those near you.  It is up to the individual as to whether or not to wear a mask.  Hand sanitizer will be located at many points throughout the grounds, as well.  The great thing about this venue is that there is plenty of space to spread out if you choose to social distance!

Can I bring my own canopy?
You are welcome to bring your own canopy and use it at your campsite (if applicable) and you can also use it in the Additional Viewing Area to the south of the Main Stage viewing area. NO CANOPIES (other than the sound tech canopy) or tents may be placed in the Main Stage viewing area. Someone from the KCF Event Staff will be happy to show you where you can place your canopy if you aren’t certain.

Will there be signs directing us to parking and the concert area?
When you arrive, there will be a Welcome Area at the entrance.  They will have each person in the vehicle sign a waiver type form with general rules and  guidelines. They will guide you where you need to go.  We have a separate parking area for those just coming for the day and those camping.  Those in the Welcome Tent will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!  The front row of the parking area will be reserved for handicap parking. However, keep in mind that the grounds are mostly gravel, so it may still be a little tricky getting around.  We will do EVERYTHING we can to help accommodate everyone that comes.

What happens if it rains? 
We keep on rocking!  At least until the production crew decides the equipment will be in trouble or there is dangerous weather (i.e. lightning)!  In the event we have to stop for a bit, attendees can take cover in the band merch area, at the Redemption Stage, or in their vehicles.

What about food?
You are more than welcome to bring your own food and coolers, but we will have KCF Concessions.  Some of the items we will sell are hot dogs, chili/cheese dogs, nachos, nachos supreme, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pulled pork sandwiches, pulled pork nachos, salad, chips, soda, water, sports drink, etc.  Yes, we can take debit/credit cards.

Are there restrooms on the grounds? 
There are port-a-pots.  Our experience with this company is that they are very clean.  We will do what we can to make sure they are that way this year, too.  There are a few showers for the attendees, as well.

Will there be someone there to help if there are injuries?
Yes, there will be a medical area that will be open throughout the concert hours.  Location for this year is TBD.

Is there water on the grounds to refill water bottles?
There is a spigot on the East side of the green building near the showers.

Do you sell ice?
Yes, we will be able to sell bags of ice at the festival.  $2 per bag at the concession stand.

Will there be an area with band merch and vendors?
Absolutely.  Please be sure to visit them and buy their merch!!  That is the best way to bless them!!  There may also be a few other organizations with tables in the tent that you should check out!

Is there an event t-shirt?
Yes, we will be selling t-shirts at the A1M info table.  They will have the KCF Logo on the front and the list of bands on the back.  We will also have a silent auction for a 24 x 36 poster signed by members of all the bands.  One for the Main Stage and one for the Redemption Stage.  Yes, we can take debit/credit cards here, as well.

Are there areas that are off limits to the attendees? 
Yes, and for the most part they are marked.  Please be respectful of these areas.  It is basically anywhere East of the band merch area.  They have either been marked off for YOUR safety or for the bands and staff to have a quiet area to re-group and refresh.

Where is the nearest town? 
The nearest town is Greentown.  It’s a great little town, but very limited on what they offer. They have gas stations with ATMs.  Kokomo is the next closest town and it will have pretty much anything you would want as far as hotels, restaurants and stores.  It is only about 15 minutes away.

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First and foremost these grounds belong to the Howard County Vietnam Veterans
Organization. They have welcomed us with open arms, and we expect the utmost
respect for this property and the men and women who call these grounds “home”.
Disrespect will not be tolerated!!!

• Respect the wishes of those who want to wear masks and practice social distancing.
We want everyone to feel comfortable here!! This includes the bands. They have
family that they want to protect, as well. Some will have restrictions at their merch
tables and some will not. Please show them love by respecting those restrictions.

• LEAVE POLITICS AT THE GATE!! While we absolutely support your right to your
opinions, these grounds, known to the vets as “The Healing Fields,” are not the place
to express them. This weekend is about leaving all the mess behind and loving on
Jesus and each other!! We want everyone leaving here encouraged and full of love &

• All children under the age of 13 must be under adult supervision at all times.

• NO FIREARMS OR WEAPONS are to be displayed or discharged ANYWHERE on



• No fighting will be tolerated. Anyone who cannot conduct themselves in an orderly
manner can and will be removed. THIS IS A HEALING FIELD, NOT A FIGHTING FIELD.

• No soliciting at the campsites or through the crowd.

• No food or drink is allowed in the Memorial Gardens, located in the back of the
fields. Weather permitting, there will be a GIANT flag hanging above it. This area of
the grounds is VERY special to the veterans and you may visit it, but we must respect

• Secure your property and lock your vehicles. We will have security, but they cannot
be everywhere at once. A1M and HCVVO will NOT be responsible for lost or stolen

• Please stay on the west end of the grounds. Do NOT go past the band merch area.

• Do NOT enter the green building. That is the home and office of the HCVVO.

• Medical help is available. Location TBD.


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